Abandoned Cable Removal in the GTA - (416) 292-4441

1Cable removal is a service geared towards maintaining office space after it has seen numerous tenants and many renovations over time. Office spaces are continually revamped to suit the requirements of revolving business tenants.

New cabling systems are installed and re-installed. Far too often the old cable systems are abandoned and not removed. A necessity for the health of your network.

The practice of abandoning cables with each new tenant leaves confusion for IT professionals who try to troubleshoot their current system.

Abandoned cables means potential safety threats. In the past, there was a tendency to categorize these cables as “out of sight, out of mind.” But over the last several years, abandoned cables have been recognized as potential safety threats:

• The potential to fuel and spread fires in concealed spaces
• Overfill cable conduit pathways
• Severely restrict airflow through ducts
• Abandoned wires may render office space out of code, jeopardize fire insurance, and represent a significant legal liability

2Toronto Network Cabling ~ Corporate Cabling & Networks Inc. Provides Expert Cable Removal.

Our certified technicians are experts in assessing which cables are redundant and can be safely removed, leaving behind a cleaner, more manageable communication system.