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Pathway Systems

  • - Designs and Installation
  • - Cable Tray Systems both Below Floor and Overhead
  • - Furniture Raceway Systems
  • - EMT, Liquid tight and PVC Conduit Solutions
  • - J-Hook pathways

Fire Stop Systems

  • Ensure you space is safe!
  • Ask us how!
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Voice System

  • - Design, Installation & Implementation
  • - Various Equipment Manufacturers
  • - VOIP System Integration

Demarc Bridging Network

  • Fiber & Copper extenions to your network.

Sound Masking/Speech Privacy Systems

Trying to Get Ahead?

In a volatile business environment, everyone is on the search for a leg up on the competition. Unfortunately, most of these hunts tend to focus only on HR cuts or new markets that may or may not pan out - rather than simply getting better, more focused work out of the workers you've already hired and trained.

How Much Distraction Costs

A major - and often overlooked - profit drain for companies worldwide is a noisy and distracting workplace. Numerous studies show that the average worker is distracted more than 2 hours every day. Not only are these distractions tied to a lack of productivity, unfocused workers also experience much higher levels of stress, make more errors while also solving fewer problems. Those 2 hours add up to about $600 billion a year. How much did your company contribute?

How Sound Masking Regains Productivity

While you can’t attribute all worker distractions to noise (some comes from work-related items like email notifications), the most common complaint among workers surveyed is conversational distractions. Intrusive noise is particularly common in open office areas, especially in offices dominated by cubicles. Rather than redesign the facility or spend more on higher cubicle walls, sound masking/Speech Privacy Systems technology allows you to mask, or cover, the offensive, expensive noise both affordably and invisibly.

Contact us today to find out more about our sound masking/Speech Privacy Systems technology, how it works, and how it can work for you. The VoiceArrest system is cutting edge and will pay for itself in a matter of months, not to mention add confidential privacy to your office.